Opening Bar & Grill in Yangon, Myanmar

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I have read most articles about opening businesses such as hotels, Restaurant & Bar, types of liquor license with different classifications. Operating hours etc. In not trying to run a illegitimate business, i have serious doubts after reading all the informations and research. Hope someone can clear the air about my concerns of the following.

1. Grant lease of 60 years, can it be owned by foreigner or jv nature? As land lease is under individual, although there is a set up company to do the jv nature? It is disturbing if the individual sold the land even without anyone knowing as it doesn't have a proper database like Singapore where u can check every title search.

2. How much u think a 48000sq ft building is worth, on a landsize of 5300sq ft, based on grant lease of 60 years.

3. Bar can only officially opened till 9pm. Then if operation is later till 1/2 am. Will authorities step in and fine?

4. There are at least 4 different types of liquor license, do u need at least two to sell bottled beer and liquors.

5. Is entertainment license required? If yes. What are the categories?

6. How is the pub scene there? Is foreigners welcoming to a bar friendly chatty bar with a few hostess, but female friendly as they only work as waitress.

7. What sort of set up cost expected for the bar? Furnitures & fittings, any nice existing place for take over in yangon that have existing license. Will be keen to explore such options.

8. Is it tough to get a working visa and reside there? Tax rates on company, will there be again tax on personal income.

9. Is there troubles from the local mafias, or police on opening bar?

10. Let me know. Cheers.

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