Visa - Purpose of visit

I have a hosting agreement from a belgian Battery research company.
Now I  am applying for visa and PCC.
While applying I am facing a serious issue  that I could not choose the purpose of visit from the list given.

Which option has to be choosen among these.

1.Long stay
2.Long term.
3.Employment/ Work permit
4.Study/ Research

Since I am having merely the work contract and hosting agreement from the company (which can also be considered as the WP)
Can I choose the employment option ?

Manager of the company asked me to choose the study/research option than others.

PCC? What do you mean?

It depends if you're already a student in India, and if you're going to study in Belgium or work in Belgium.

If you're going to WORK in Belgium, you need to request the work permit (+ visa D)

As you have a hosting agreement, the purpose should be Research.

Is there any problems in future,  if the purpose is mistakenly entered

And visa is issued on that?

PCC - Police clearance certificate.

Your employer asked you to select Research, right. As yours is a hosting agreement (post doc research I would guess) and not a standard work permit, just follow what your employer suggests to do. They may have hired other ppl like this, so they should know. Also, ask your employer to connect you with any recent hires in the same type of hosting agreement and ask them advice about visa formalities.

Thank You.

Actually its not a PhD or Postdoc
Its permanent job in a research company.

Thank you.

I was under the impression that the work permit exception for research jobs are reserved for Phd or postdocs. I see that any organization classified as a research organization can hire researchers using this special visa.


Just google "Visas for researchers with a Hosting Agreement" and you will get all info you need. Of course you have to "RESEARCH" through them to make conclusions :)


Hope you’re good. I applied for my minor son’s family reunion. Before the decision slot remained blank and status was la entraitment. Since yesterday the date of decision is showing 17Jan 2020 but status is still la traitment. What does that mean?

Meaning that you'll know the result in the next coming hours / on Monday

Thanks Alex

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