How Bahrain medical can be done in UAE.

Need to know that from where I can do Bahrain medical in some UAE medical center/ Hospital. And Where I can do most cost effectively? Would appreciate if someone shared experience. Thanks in advance.

Browse the forum. I have answered many times on this topic.

It can be done in any accredited hospital or clinic. I did it in welcare knowledge village.

Unfortunately, I browse but could not not find specific answer of below 3 questions.
1- Need to know specific name of Government hospital/medical centre.
2- Do they require medical Insurance / Emirates Id / Valid residence status. Or Passport is enough to proceed for Medical.
3- What additional documents they require and How much cost is involved. Is there any major difference in Government Fee vs Private hospital charges for this Bahrain medical test or difference is nominal.
Would appreciate If someone reply quickly.

1) I told you where I did it
2) The hospital would need Emirates ID if you are a resident or just passport if you are a visitor - but for Bahrain to consider it, you must be a resident of the UAE. If not then you have to go to your home country to do it. Both medical insurance and cash are possible and is your choice. Hospital doesn't care either way
3) Government hospitals would be cheaper

Thanks. How much welcare knowledge village Cost.

Thanks. How much welcare knowledge village Cost.

Call them and ask.  I did it 5 years ago so I don't remember.

Called them up. They quoted 2550 aed. Which seems quite high. If anybody know here any other hospital/medical centre with reasonable charges. Just Let me know Thanks.

Try NMC. I did my medical in NMC Sharjah Rolla and it costed me around DHS 1100.

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