Using a light motor vehicle license for a motorcycle

Hey guys!

I wanted to know if it is possible to drive a 200cc motor bike with your normal car drivers license? I do not have a license for a motorbike. My car license is from South Africa, and I'm a student here in Mauritius.

One more question, how long would it take for me to apply for the learners and get the license, if I'm unable to use my existing license.

Thanks in advance! Much appreciated.


From what I know, with a car license, you can drive a motorbike only within a very limited geographical area.

To be able to ride anywhere you want. you will need to take a motorbike test and obtain a motorbike license.

Not sure if things have changed though.

I genuinely appreciate the reply! Thanks! As soom as I get back to Mauritius, I shall enquire about this!

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