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Somebody is trying to frame me in a Car Hit and Run case in Riyadh. He's given my number plate to Najm who put 100% liability on me (as a run away) and passed the case to Maroor from where I got an SMS that my car has been reported to be involved in a Car Accident. The person is Saudi and he pushed my car from behind (not with force) and there was no damage / mark etc to my car and I am pretty sure that nothing happened to his car as well. Therefore, I left being his fault. However, making it a matter of Ego and Greed, He told Najm that I hit his car side by side and therefore damaged his car from front right and damaged my car from front left (according to Najm Report) which is so untrue as my car is totally fine from there. Now my question is, being an expatriate, if I go to Maroor office and they don't provide me with any proof (although there was a traffic signal about 150 meters ahead from the spot with cameras) that I am the culprit (which surely the don't have and I did not hit any car) then can I go to Court against them or the person who have lied to Najm and Maroor. Or should I leave this matter to God and the day of judgement.

I wouldn't bother with lawsuit.  Your only focus should be to go to Muroor and get your car inspected to remove that false report against you.   As if you don't, you could get into trouble in the future.

This is where dashcams are invaluable - It gives you direct evidence to present.

Not clear to your statement why the (Saudi guy) pushed your car from behind…for what reason? horseplaying in the busy road of Riyadh…sorry I cannot understand the logic.

When he did (pushed your car from behind), being responsible expat driver you shouldn’t leave the place first hand. Instead you have called Najm to assessed and verify the situation to determine who is at fault (100% liability, or 50%-50% it depends). But the Najm will asked you to produce and present your valid driver license, estimara, and car insurance, unless you don’t have all of these you ran away.

Having traffic case filed against you in KSA is not a joke. You have to settle and cleared it before expiration of your resident work permit (iqama) irregardless who’s at fault, you or the Saudi guy.

Thanks for you thoughts. Actually, it's a kind of matter of ego as to why other person is trying to move ahead and leaving my car behind. Furthermore, I have all documents with me (Comprehensive insurance, License, Isitmara etc). You are right, I should have stopped even if there was a little push from behind and there was no damage, dents etc. But actually this guy is trying to make illegal money out of it and that's the problem. Had he told the truth to Najm that he hit me from behind and there was no damage etc then there wouldn't have been any claim etc.

Anyways, I went to maroor and clarified to them (although it took 4 visits to get to the Manager) and the Manager has asked his staff to call that person and also produce evidence etc to settle the case.

Today, I got a call from that person and he wants to meet with me ( I guess, Maroor contacted him as a result of my visits). I think I should tell him to come to Maroor office and settle the issue there (again there is a feeling that he wants to extort some money before cancelling his false claim).

Ask him to come to Muroor and take an Arabic speaker with you.

Leave your ego at the door when you come to Saudi - you are not in your country and your rights vs. a local are minimal.

You were not present (you ran away) in the incident area when Najm arrives, you were in decrepit position. Najm have made the accident report (maybe) base on the statement of other party. Do you have the Najm report? What was the liability imposed on you.

Have you reported the accident to your car insurance company? Obviously, your car insurance should pay all repair cost (assuming 100% liability for you as per Najm report) of the car of other party. If your car insurance is expired, then shoulder the cost of other party car repair and the cost will come from your pocket.

We are speculating here. I (assume) this is the reason (maybe) why you repeatedly mentioned on your posts that the other party want to get (extort) money from you for the cost of repair of other party’s vehicle.

I have valid comprehensive insurance and car on lease. However, in this hit and run case, i doubt I may face monetary loss if I don't pursue it and my liability is 100%.

Thanks to Allah, the matter has been solved amicably without any loss.  The Maroor department was kind enough to cancel the claim in the presence of both parties and now I am feeling comfortable.

This reminds me that there's no foolproof car incident. As we expat always reminded that we should not leave the place or area whenever involve in a minor or major car incident/accident to avoid unpleasant surprises from both Najm and Moroor.

Ensure to check your Absher/MOI account whether or not there's a traffic violation and fine to settle.

My 2 cents advise.

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