Please I need suggestion

I have issues with my boss regarding my pending we go to labor court and there was a judgement between us mean while he went and make a run aways case against because I was asking for my salary.after the judgement I gave the paper to lmra and they cleared the runway case.nowbibhave a new job and the apply for extension but it was rejected more that 2times now I don't know what is the course of the rejection is there any suggestions you can help me with

Don't understand.  You mean your extension of stay after visa cancellation was refused?  keep in mind that it can be extended for a max of two times.

Okay but the problem is I never apply for any extension.this is the first time company apply but it was rejected and on the paper they did not write the reason of the rejection

For now I don't have visa how can I check if I have problem in immigration Nd can I check it my self in immigration or I have to let someone check for me

Have someone check for you

Thank for you sir

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