Moving to Malta/Gozo from the USA


I will be in Malta for 2 weeks in March to see if it is a place I could retire.  Consider this a scouting trip.  I have been in communication with a Remax realtor about renting, and a law firm about residence permit.  Does anyone know if Xlendi Bay  on Gozo is a nice place to live?  How about the Marsaxlokk area?  Would like something with a sea view.  800 to 1,000 euros a month or so.

Any advice on anything pertaining to relocation would be appreciated.



Xlendi is very busy in the summer, there are many restaurants there and some nice walks.   If you don’t mind noise then it may suit you,
there’s also a bus service into Victoria.

Does anyone recommend a lawyer or low firm in Malta to ask them a few questions about residency in Malta and what documents required

Hi Texjim
I have a few questions regarding residency in Malta and what documents they will need from us (my wife and son are German and i am Canadian) but i am getting different answers and want to try a lawyer or low firm
Do you command any in Malta?

As mentioned before you will need your passports, copies of the lease, health insurance and bank statements.

Hi, Noah:

I am talking to a law firm called EMD.  Are you in Malta now?  Your wife is EU so she can easily get Residence and you can come with her as spouse.

Have you checked with Identity Malta?

Good luck.


Hi Texjim
I am still in canada planing to move after school end here. I have contacted identity Malta and still waiting as they forwarded my request to different department.
Thanks for info and the link and good luck with your move

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