Looking for a foreign city consultant in Munich


Is there any expat that has lived in Munich for some time and know the city well enough and interested to be a guide and consultant of the city life and culture?

I'm a electronics engineer,  thinking about raise business here.

mechanical is very  strong industry here, but now days there is much smarter device to control and manage these machine, for example, cloud or voice control device, they are good mate for these strong machine. I think

  so my idea is to provide smarter controller for these machine. if you are interesting or have related Chanel resource to know where these smarter controller are need, we can raise the business together.

any kind of information is welcome, response the post or drop me a message and what ever.

best wishes

Rike Yao

You also sent the same to me as PM - except the first paragraph looking for a relocation consultant in Munich.
I replied to you explaining the general challenges of starting a business in Germany, which I will not repeat here.
In the future, please do not double post and PM, as this is seen as SPAM here!

As for the relocation consultant, there are plenty of professional services doing this (which you will have to pay for).
A short Google search yielded the following (not an exhaustive list and I have not used any of them and thus cannot comment):
https://the-red-relocators.com/standort … -muenchen/

hi  beppi,
    thanks a lot for your suggestion.

   best wishes

   Rike yao

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