Shipping personal Baggage

I was trying to ship my Luggage to our home in Mexico, they spent 20 days arguing the restrictions, then they returned back to original address. They expected me to pick up my Luggage from Tijuana even though we live in Cabo

Hello Sonia,

I suspect you are expecting a service that no longer exists. Many things have changed. Who were the people whom you asked to provide the delivery?  Standard shipping or mail is iffy at best. delivery services like DHL are better.

It's not the people who provide the work, but new priorities and reduction in money and jobs. Getting things over the border is not as simple as it was.

Oh , I was not told by FEDEX that the services are discontinued
Wow, it was 20 days of upsetting times, no one said it as clear as you have.
Thanks for sharing
So if I need my son to send me a Package containing my mail he should do DHL then.
Thanks for sharin

Yes, Sonia, it is not as easy as it was even a year ago. Jobs at the border were eliminated now they say they are hiring more aduanas. The U.S. side continues to be a mess, so packages do not clear customs well.

As for FedEx, they still have a little activity here but I suspect it is for businesses, not home delivery and I rarely see their trucks. UPS has a small amount of business here also, but the primary active deliveries are DHL.

I realized all that after the fact, but now I know they stated that due to the trade war the laws changed, and the easy way to get bapakes is in the original manufacturing package or shipped directly by manufacturers so they can calculate the cost of tariff easy. So I can totally get that part. So the best thing would be if Fedex disclose that on the website I would have not unpacked and repacked my stuff.
Thanks for the advise, for now we will just use DHL and only have someone mail us our monthly mail that way. Other than that I found most of what I need in Costco and very good quality stuff by Kirkland products.

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