Rejection of S Pass

Hi Everyone,
I am an Electrical Engineer (BSc Electrical Engineering) with 3 years of experience. I received an offer of 2750 SD from a company of Singapore 3 months ago. After that, they checked my eligibility from MOM website and informed me that they can apply for my S pass application. As I had to provide one month notice prior to my resignation, they asked me to resign from my company here in Pakistan where i was already working. But yesterday ,i received an email that MOM had rejected my application for S pass with reason provided " Candidate is not eligible for this job. Please look for another one". When employer asked MOM for the reasons, they said there are no chances of approval  after appeal also. Can you please help me on what grounds they can reject the application so that I can manage and send more documents to employer to appeal. They have already applied for the appeal and told me that they can send some supporting documents to MOM if they will ask for any.


Spend some time to go through below thread and various discussions, you will understand why MoM rejected your work pass.

A wise decision that DON’T Resign from your current job till work pass gets approved. Secondly, your salary is too low with 3 yrs experiences. Good luck

MoM can reject a work pass application for any reason they like - and they do not normally tell you the reason.
In your case, the wording is unusually strong: You are not eligible for this job and an appeal will also not change that.
I thus recommend you do not waste time or hope, but look for other jobs instead!

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