Questions before moving to Germany

Did you purchase umbrella insurance once you moved to Germany?

Do you have automobile and health insurance recommendations?

Are there any concerns regarding inheritance laws if you or your spouse should die?

Should we hire a German attorney to ask advise about potential legal land mines?

What is umbrella insurance?

For health insurance first needs to find out if they have to take a public option or if one is allowed and desires to take private ones (usually more expensive in the long run).

As far as inheritance laws just read up in the internet. It is best to have a will which should be hand written and not necessarily notarized but this is not a bad idea.

But I don’t know why one would hire a lawyer until they would have a legal problem. I don’t know of any potential landmines if one follows the rules, doesn’t commit crimes and pays their taxes. And for taxes one would usually at least start with a tax advisor but not necessary to take a tax lawyer.

- I never had an insurance for my umbrella(s) and I won't recommend getting one.
- You find many threads here about health insurance. The issue of which one you must, can or should join is complex and cannot be determined on an Internet forum - get professional advice!
- For automobile insurance, there are comparison portals on the Net. Use them once you know what car you are buying. Without EU driving experience or insurance history, you will be put into the highest (and most expensive) risk category.
- As far as I know (and unless there is a recognised will), the inheritance law applies of the country where you live. Since the issue is complex and has huge consequences, get professional advice on this!
- Engaging a lawyer, accountant, etc. might be worth it if large amounts are involved. A tax adviser is recommended in almost all cases.

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