GBP 1 pound coins for exchange to RM

Anyone kind enough to make an exchange of some 1 pounds for RM.....local banks and money changers don't do coins so I'm stuck.....thanks

This is not a scam....I'm genuinely seeking for someone to make this exchange based on current rate at time of exchange....pls email for full details tq

Small quantities are a bit pointless and large numbers are a lot useless because of the weight.
That's assuming the things are real.

Good morning fully understand what you mean....I've got 88 pounds in 1 pound coins.....pls WhatsApp at *** if you are interested to make the exchange and I can share some pics of the coins or maybe you can refer me to someone who wouldn't mind taking it thanks a million

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Many coins are fake, about 1% in circulation are, so no one will change!

80 coins will mean really saggy pockets so there no way anyone will want to carry them. Only someone wanting to go to the UK would find them useful, then who would want to carry all that weight?

That's before you ask how 80 coins found their way to Malaysia in the first place - I would have to recommend this exchange is to be avoided as there's no way to know if the things are real and circumstances suggest that's less than 100% likely.

I just got back from London after xmas....this coins were the balance from my expenditure there...

You really should have changed them into notes before leaving the UK. That's what anyone else would have done.

Try the collectibles forum.
Probably still those who collect.

Vaguely remember using 1 pound coins.
London circa year 1987 for a burger from a street push cart.

Enjoyed the burger much .....

Your best bet is to exchange them (at a poor rate to yourself) with someone going to the UK soon.

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