Moving from Spain.

Hi. I'm considering moving to Madagascar from Spain, wondering if anyone else has done similar?
What's the easiest method?
What's the cheapest?
How easy is it to take my own car?
Any relevant information would be most helpful.
Oh, I'm Scottish, as is my wife, and we're looking towards a permanent move.

I suggest you first make a holiday trip here first, unless you have already done so.  You need to apply for resident/ business  visa which is no easy process. Contact the Madagascar embassy or consulate where you live now for details as the rules change very often, I have noticed from my 19 years living in Madagascar. 
You will need to speak Malagasy or French to get around the government offices.
Bringing a car here from what I understand is difficult and costly.  Many Individuals buy a car that is already here.  You can find all this out when you come here on holiday and can do your research about all your questions and file the paper work that the Embassy or consulate recommends.  Review this website by the Madagascar government to get started.

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