Implications of Not Joining Job After Getting German Blue Card

Hi everyone,

I have a job offer from Germany and the employer has already got an EU blue card permit. Unfortunately, due to some visa issues, I'm in a situation where I have also applied for another non-eu country's visa and waiting for that result.

If I get my visa in this other country there is a possibility that I won't be joining this job in Germany even after getting my blue card.

But I want to move to Germany at some point in my life. I don't want to ruin that chance. Kind members, please tell me what are the implications of not moving to Germany after getting a blue card? Does it affect my chances of moving to Germany sometime later in life?

As far as I know, a blue card is issued once in a country and no renewals. So if you decide not to take a job and use the blue card then it would be best to let the officials know and have it cancelled.  But theoretically, one can later still get a work pemit if they have teh demanded skills. One does not have to go with a blue card.

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