Public Childcare in Copenhagen as an expat (language problems?)

Hi Everyone,

we are moving to Copenhagen in a few weeks and are planning to send our daughter, once she turns 3, to a public kindergarden since we want her to learn Danish. I was just wondering if other expats have used the public childcare system in Copenhagen or if you usually send your children to private (English) institutions. I doubt I will be able to speak Danish within a few weeks and wonder if this might lead to communication problems with the staff.


I wouldn’t worry about the communication. Most Danes speaks good English and we had au pairs for 5 years who didn’t speak danish to bring and fetch our kids daily, there was no problems neither in daycare, childcare center or school.
Private childcare is  also difficult to get in to, and are often fully booked years ahead, so you have to sign your child up right after birth just to get a chance.

Perhaps this kindergarten would be optimal for you? … gramm.html


Thank you for your replies, they take away some of my worries! I will do some more research on the public child care, also on the kindergarden posted by Nellie.

In Copenhagen you'll be guaranteed a place in a kindergarten within 3 months.


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