Index Fund Investment Advice Required

Hi guys,

I am a newbie to the share market investment world and looking for advice on investing in index funds considering our expat situation.
My wife and I are both Irish, now Australian Citizens living in Australia currently.
I’d like to set up an index fund, with a long term view (20 years plus). At this stage, we plan to live in Australia for the next few years (3+ yrs, here 8yrs already), then potentially move back to Ireland, although that is TBC. As we are Australian Citizens and we potentially see ourselves back here in retirement age.
Therefore, I am unsure if it is better for me to open an index fund through something like Vanguard in Australia or open one back in Ireland now and exchange currencies each month. I suppose I want to find the most tax efficient and logical approach.
For example, if I opened a fund here in Australia now and resided here for 5 years paying into this, move back to Ireland, closed my Australian account and opened a new index fund for say another 15years with the earnings from this, would I lose the benefits of compound interest etc?
Or is there an index fund that is immune to currency fluctuations and can be accessed from both countries?

Thanks in advance,


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