Tourist residency new regulations

Starting from January 1st 2020, Turkish immigration declared that there will be no renewal of tourist residency for expats residing in Turkey except for those who have other reasons to stay.
I wonder how these new regulations will affect expats who are retired in Turkey.

Fred fro Canada

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Coms are commercia sites, better to read official site. … sas.en.mfa

I could not find the article in this web page. These new regulations appeared in Dec. 2019, stating clearly that renewal of tourist visa for foreigners will not be accepted for the same reason (tourism) starting from January 2020.

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Yes, new regulations will not accepted for short terms residencing for due touristic permission.

If you want to know more details feel free to write me.

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Here the official sources of the announcement:

Some lawyers said that citizens of EU, USA, Canada, Russia, China and other countries are exempt from this law. Is this true?

No, I passed official announcement of this law. There is no any place writing about what your lawyer said!.

Yes as i said, touristic - short term residencing visa only available for 1 year after will not be given due of this reason residencing permit.

Yes. Touristic, short-term residency will not be extended. The Expat needs to find another reason to stay, ie, job permit, buying an apartment, learning Turkish language (strictly Tömer university programs), and for maximum period of 2 years, or for treatment in Turkish hospitals.

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