Long term accommodation in LPB

Hi everyone,

I am looking to move Long term in Laos but I am currently based in Singapore.

The housing section of this website is down so I’m posting here instead. I am looking to live Long term in Luang Prabang, farm and live off the land. Does any one know if foreigners can own land? I googled and got conflicting information. If anyone has experience, please share. Will be very grateful!

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I have lived in LPB, Laos for 18 months.   You can not own land here.  You can lease and build but the land can only be owned by Laos.

Best site to get info for starters is FB "Expat Luang Pra Bang"

Are you planning on working or needing visa?  If so, once you are on FaceBook site search for Chris Barth.  He and his company provide free advice... and most of us expats rely on him for our yearly visas and other semi legal kind of stuff.  Great guy to work with  ( i have no financial intetest in his business).

Douangpachanh Documentation & Services Ltd is the company name.


Perhaps Chris Barth would like to place an advertisement in the services section at the top of this page.

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