Duel citizenship


I really hope someone can help as I’m struggling to find a clear answer on the UDI website.

I am a British citizen and I’m hoping to gain duel nationality with Norway now that they have changed the law.

My situation is as follows:

My mother is Norwegian and my father is English, they met and got married in Norway whist my mother was expecting me, they then moved to th UK where I was born in 1976.

Although I was raised in the UK we spent most of my summer school holidays in Norway staying with my grandmother and elderly aunt and I always considered myself to be half Norwegian.

I did not find out until I was approximately 24 that I lost my Norwegian citizenship as I did not apply to retain it before I turned 22, I was not aware of the laws and was absolutely devastated to lose part of my heritage.
Luckily for my brother (who is three years younger than me), he managed to get the paperwork in before he turned 22 and therefore retained his duel citizenship.

I will apply in February but from what I gather I will not be successful, does anyone have any information which could help my application?

Many thanks


I found this info which seems to apply to you:

" If you apply after you turn 22, we can nevertheless consider your application if you cannot be blamed for failing to meet the deadline, or if it would be unreasonable if you were to lose your Norwegian citizenship."

https://www.udi.no/en/want-to-renew/kee … eavPQcy7Tg

UDI also has a citizenship facebook page that might have people asking about this who're in a similar situation, and of course you can always call them.


Thanks! Much appreciated, that’s really helpful, I’ll check out FB

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