How to find a Villa at Ourika mountains?

Hi all,

I have been googling for some days, with various languages, with local help, checked all the sites I could find, but can't seem to locate Villas for rent or even on sale at the Ourika mountains near Marrakech.

There are thousands of villas on the the urban area etc available.

It is understandable that the villas on the mountains are not the first of interest in any country, and are not online anyway for many reasons, so I am facing a serious problem locating them.

Anyone got an idea how to reach the owners willing to rent with option to buy fro the mountains?

I am taking a day trip to the mountains anyway just to try to locate the possible villas, but I am not sure or the results.

It seems similar that what is was to get a villa from the mountains at Andalucia, Spain, nada online.

Any help would be awesome.

Thank You in advance!


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