Salaries in Mauritius

Hi there!

My name I Sally, I am a Media Makeup Lecturer from London, England and I am looking to relocate to Mauritius.  My Husband Jack is a Sous chef in a fine dining restaurant in the center of London.  We have had a look at Salaries for Makeup Lecturers and Chefs and are a bit concerned on how low they are.  We want to make sure we are able to have a good life, nothing too lavish but more than the basic necessities if that makes sense.  Does any one know what the Salaries could be for us and what life style they would allow us to live?.  Any other job incites would be great.

Thank you in advance for your help :)

Hello Sally,

Regarding your chef husband, given that the hospitality industry is big in Mauritius, he can find some luck applying for jobs at luxury hotels especially if his profile and competencies suit them.
Please note that to obtain an Occupation Permit as a professional. the minmum monthly salary requirement is MUR 60,000.

Now when it comes to a media make up lecturer, things might get complicated as there are not really openings for this type of job in Mauritius.

There are other avenues to settle in Mauritius like investing money or starting a self employed activity but they also come with conditions.

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