Looking for friends

Hi all,
I am a mixed race repat from Australia who moved back here a year ago.
i currently work as a chief operating officer for a restaurant group.
I have met and made friends over the year but people come and go out of the country.
I miss my friend group back home, how we always hang out and how close we are and it just make each others day better when you have people you can count on.
I would like to meet new friends and go out over the weekend, develop social connections and just make busy Yangon life even more fun.
Any thoughts? HAPPY NEW YEAR btw.

Hi Ally. I will probably soon be in Yangon. My name is Peter, I am open to meet for a chat and hanging out.
My Whatsapp is ***
Kind regards

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Hey, I’m of mixed race too. And just relocated 6 months ago. Would love to hangout with you sometime!

It’s always refreshing to meet new people and share our experiences.

oh hi!! yes, why not,!how do i contact?

I’m new to this forum as well haha. I dropped you a PM!

Hey, I'm Calvin and I work as a business consultant.
I would be very happy to make friends with you but unfortunately I'm from Mandalay.
I'm from Myanmar originally.
So if you ever have a chance to come to Mandalay for any reason, let me know :3
You can contact me via watsapp.

hey sorrrry i been away for a while and didnt check q

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