Looking for Bread Flour (and Specialty Flours)

Hello expats,

My name is Christina and my husband and I are planning on moving to Portugal from the US in 2020. I am an avid sourdough bread baker reaching out to see if anyone on the forum can guide me in the direction of where I would be able to consistently source strong bread flour in Portugal, as well as specialty flours (whole meal (wheat), rye, spelt, etc.)

I am ideally looking for stone-milled local flour, specifically milled for bread baking. Locally sourced from somewhere in Portugal would be heaven. Is this possible?

Are there any grain mills in Portugal that sell retail and/or that ship within the country?

What I've been able to initially garner on my online searches so far is that it sounds like it is very difficult to find bread and specialty flours in Portugal. Is this impression accurate?

Would love to hear any recommendations you may have, etc. Any and all feedback and leads would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you so much in advance!



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