Need a representative to help with paperwork to move to Vancouver


My family would like to move to Vancouver in about 2 years.  I've been looking at all the web sites but am having trouble finding the right paperwork, even if I thought I knew what I was looking for.  need a representative to help.

Family consists of wife, daughter and two teen age grandsons.  One grandson wants to go into IT. He is currently getting his COMPTIA certifications.  I already have COMPTia certifications so I could go into IT as well.   However, I also have a PhD in computer science and 27 years as a university professor so teaching would fit me best.   Daughter is an unarmed security guard.  My wife is retired, and when she retired, she really "retired".  She just runs the household now.

Not much more to say, except that I've seen the mountains and I could live real close to them.

Thank you all for reading.


Art Kazmierczak

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