Minimum Rental Salary Requirement


My partner and I have been looking to move and live abroad for a couple of years now, and have finally settled on Belgium near Bruges.

I understand most things about the rental process, but cannot find any information about the required income in order to rent a property. In the UK it's usually 3-3.5 x the rent. Does this even exist in Belgium?? I would assume it does, as it does in the Netherlands also.

My partner has a private pension of E1200 a month and I am self employed earning around E1500 a month.

We are hoping to find a property to let that doesn't require my partner to work, as the above is his fixed income for life.

Thank you for any help provided!

I'm not sure there's any official requirement, so it's basically up to the landlords discretion.
The number that usually goes around would indeed be at least an income of 3 times the rent. The more ofc, the safer you'd be.
The landlord can ask you to provide proof of your monthly income so that he sees you'll be able to pay and still have at least a reasonable amount for daily expenses and what not.
Be aware though, that besides rent, sometimes there are additional fixed monthly costs like for cleaning (usually for apartments), or utilities. The listed rent might not always include those.
And often a deposit is also required, which is obviously returned when you happen to move out.

Thank you for your quick response!

That's brilliant. I am sure even with our fairly limited income we will get somewhere suitable.

Here's to a new life in Belgium!

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