Happy New Year 2020: 15 years with you!

Hi everyone,

The Expat.com team wishes you a Happy New Year 2020!


In 2020, Expat.com will turn 15. Fifteen years of life abroad, sharing experiences, adventures... and above all 15 years with you!

We are proud of this journey together. Our project for this year is to cater even better to all your needs. What are your projects for 2020?

Share them with us!




Feliz año a todos


Two trips overseas this year!

Happy New Year !

My husband and I will retire from work in California at the end of March. In April we plan a move to Huatulco Mexico as permanent residents.
Lots of new adventures ahead!!
Happy New Year to everyone!!

I am going to travel around the world and write a book about it before I die. Already have several chapters done and have gotten from  Vermont to Cambodia--after the doctors said I would be dead last April!. Here's the Intro! If you want to see more of it, there's plenty at the Blog section of the fearlesspuppy(dot)info website.                   I Start From Here
      Many folks tell me that I am the happiest person they ever met.  I have had a nightmare childhood, several chronic disabling problems, and a couple of terminal illnesses—so the doctors tell me. But at least three of the doctors who told me I'd be dead by now have died themselves. Many others have just been flat-out wrong with other diagnoses, prescriptions, and predictions. It just goes to show you that a formal education isn't everything these days. Back when medicine was a profession instead of an industry, I may have believed those doctors. I may have been more polite and died out of respect for them. Experience has taught me that polite and respectful aren’t always the right course of action.
      As a young man I was brought to a hospital supposedly dead of an overdose. They gave me a shot of adrenaline in the heart. It didn’t work. One doctor pronounced me dead. Another said no. He gave me another shot. That one worked.
     But nearly fifty years later, now that half of our American doctors have shown a diseased integrity that only used car salesman and high-level politicians were previously famous for, I usually don’t show up at their doors. Better results have come from taking care of myself. I recently made a mistake and did a long-term medication given me by a Naturopath who didn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground. It resulted in what looked to be a fatal aggravation to an already problematic liver. Two doctors said I had liver cancer. The “specialist” said I had six months to live. That was in October of 2018. Do the math.
          After half a year or more of heavy meditation, highly focused breathing, Rick Simpson oil, apricot seeds (laetrile/B17), Chaga mushrooms, steam rooms and hot tubs, high potency Milk Thistle, lots of vitamins, herbs, raw juices, and of course dietary adjustments and lifestyle changes, I'm still here and having fun. Vampire pimps for the pharmaceutical industry didn't put this smile on my face. I'm not going to let them take it off. I thankThe Universal Whatever for these natural remedies.
          I have many friends that are nurses. I am very grateful for them and their kind attention. Doctors deal with diseases. Nurses deal with people. They can sometimes help to fix what a doctor screws up.
         All that being said, and conquered diseases notwithstanding, I still must admit to being an old man. If you have read Fearless Puppy on American Road and Reincarnation Through Common Sense, you know that my aging bones have a lot of hard miles on them. Logic dictates that I be put out to pasture to enjoy the better memories. But if you have read those books, you also know that's not going to happen.
           I'm going to make a voyage completely around the world. Everyone tells me that no one my age, especially no one with a rapidly disintegrating skeletal structure and a diagnosed terminal illness, should make such a journey. But we all have to die sooner or later, and I have a mission to accomplish before I do.
           Several friends who have been abroad lately tell me that there is no place else on Earth as morally bankrupt, lacking integrity, crumbling apart from the inside, and as intimidating and repulsive to its neighbors as America. There is plenty of evidence to support their claims but I still don't like to believe them. I have to go see for myself. If it is true that no place sucks quite as badly as America does, I want to find out why. What are other places doing that we would benefit from doing ourselves? And more importantly, why are we not doing those things? What things are the other places doing that don’t work for them? Why aren’t they fixing their own messes? What are the ways people keep smiling, laughing, and loving life while fighting to repair a world that is mentally as well as physically ill, often disgusting, and may very well have a more severe terminal illness than I do?  How do folks keep the fun happening in the midst of all the tragedy?
       I’ll report back to you from each location, for your entertainment. But if you find anything within that seems even more important than entertainment, feel free to use it. It would be my pleasure to be affiliated with any small move in the direction of saving any part of humanity from falling through its own inconsistencies.
       Don't worry if people look at you like you're crazy while you use unusual information toward personal or cultural benefit. Remember that the only people who ever change the world are the ones crazy enough to think they can. Being “crazy,” in our culture, often means that you just have a different way of seeing things. That can be a very good thing just as easily as it can be a very bad thing. Sure, Hitler and Idi Amin were crazy. But Mother Teresa, the Dalai Lama, and Copernicus were also said to be crazy, by many people who intended the word as an insult. Those critics didn’t realize just how helpful so-called crazy can be if managed with a loving intelligence.         
        The medicines helped, but the real reason I am not dead yet is the fact that I am a little crazy. Maybe I can explain that better with this little story from the brilliant Indian mystic, Sadhguru.  “On a certain day, one cow asked another, ‘So what is your opinion about the Mad Cow Disease?’ The other cow responded, ‘I don’t give a hoot! I am a helicopter’!”
         The ancient Chinese mystic Lao Tse put it this way. “There is no fear of tiger’s tooth, no danger from rhino’s horn. There is no place for death to enter.”
         Understand? If not, no problem. I’m pretty sure it will make perfect sense to you by the time you finish this book.

Happy  :) new year 2020 and best wishes to everyone.

My objectives for this new year is to construct more house for my clients and increase the guarantee certificate to 10 years.


Elite Construction and Renovations

I moved to Puerto Peñasco, Sonora, México in April of 2019. Althoguh it was because of the deportation of my loved one it has become the blessing of a lifetime. We are so much happier here than in the USA trying to chase the American "dream". We weren't even of the group that had the car payments, house payments and overextended credit cards but we are still so much more happy here. Since we moved here I have not only lost 55 lbs but have been able to stop taking my high blood pressure medicine and eat much more healthy. We have begun a small business of American-style baked goods and well, quite frankly, they're selling lke hotcakes...lol! I sell to the local Mexican business for the most part and they love the products. I learned to bake by my grandma's size (and many other fine bakers in my family and others) from the age of 8 yrs old. It is just this side of a hobby right now, bringing in daily money and giving us extra spending money but for 2020 I'd like to see it grow into something a little bit bigger that will keep me in the kitchen more, leave the public relations in my hands and employ some family members from this side of the border for the door to door selling and delivery. My honey is from Michoacan and is a great cook and makes awesome carnitas and we hope to add that on this year expanding the baked goods to various other food offerings as time and money allows. If your a good baker and love to do it, you may want to try this in your own foriegn country neck of the woods. Just don't do it in Puerto Penasco please! LOL...By the way, speaking the country's language helps...I speak English and Spanish fluently.

My target is to find a new job and develop my career up and improve my skills

Hi everyone

2019 for me was a painful year in my life, I lost most of what I achieved in my life this year and returned again to the level ZERO "literally zero" but I did not lose myself and my faith.
2020 is the  year of success and happiness, this is what I feel and what I believe in

Happy New Year everybody
wishes the best for all of you

I am in Nigeria ,I want to migrate to Canada with my family and get a permanent residents stay this year 2020.


Happy New Year 2020 to all.This year we will be teaching Hands on Practical Electronics to 150 Students young and old so as to empower them with the immediate ability to either work for a company or start their own repair business.This electronic syllabus includes Industrial,Medical,Military Electronics.These classes run for 3 months,and is very intense but a true investment.I have 40 years experience in the field of electronics,and I cant wait to pass it on.We are fully booked and starting next week.The beauty of this course is that it's free only to the less fortunate.Those students working for companies are carried by bursaries.The course includes everything,including test meter.Next year we hope to place the unemployed students in companies related to their course which they must pass with 89% score.Good luck to all our future Technicians.

After an innings lasting 42 years and 51 days in law enforcement, I finally retired on New Years Eve, starting 2020 with a new adventure in mind and a MM2H visa application already in the planning.  My wife, a beautiful Malaysian lady, and I will arrive in KL for a three month visit to catch up with friends and family.  The choice of being in England or Malaysia for January, February and March (plus half of April) was a no brainer!!

Godzvilla :

I will arrive in KL for a three month

You are in for a serious treat - Malaysia is a wonderful country.

Feliz Año Nuevo!  In September I launched the Overseas Life Redesign Podcast and completed 15 episodes for the first season. The second season starts next week and will feature expat business owners and entrepreneurs.  Sharing the Stories has been amazing!  This month I am also launching a webinar 'How to Live in Paradise Without Worrying About Money".   I finished a course on buying foreign real estate the end of 2019.  I'm also launching a course on how to start a location independent business.  Busy, busy, busy life in Paradise - but I'm Loving it!  YAY 2020!!!!

I have finished my first book and will be publishing it with Amazon KDP soon. So 2020 will be the year I publish my book. The title of the book is Speak to Me: Travels and Exploits of a Language Learner. It is a memoir with an unlikely twist. It's a story about a language lover's adventures traveling and pursuing her passion for languages. She visited and lived in many countries only because of their language. Why would she want to study one language after another? Her answer is that inexplicably she has been compelled to learn every language she sees or hears. She learned Italian driving from Paris to Rome, listening intently as French changed into Italian. Now she's looking for an instructor of Nahuatl, a fascinating language, especially in the context of Mexican Spanish. Is that crazy or not?  Crazy about languages at least. Speak to Me: Travels and Exploits of a Language Lover details a trip through life seen from a linguistic viewpoint. Explore an unforgettable journey and its many dangers and excitement along the way.
Pat Hall

Happy New Year!! I'm very interested in your upcoming book. I always dreamed of writing a few books but unfortunately I'm not a writer. But I'm a very good storyteller and have much to say. I'm Paula 64 and loving in Columbus Ohio. I've tried finding a ghostwriter but they're very expensive and I don't have much time to tell the world my story. My first story is about my oldest sister who died mysteriously in her home. After working for the Post office for 30 years and in the Air Force Reserve. Her next of kin were my parents. She worked all the time and traveled overseas two or three times a year with the Army Reserves. My sister was single no husband or children. That's why the next of kin should've been notified the day she didn't show up for work. It's December of 2010 after working the previous week of Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday with flu like symptoms she worked and called off on Thursday to work on her symptoms. Her days off were Friday, Saturday,  and Sunday. The following Monday she didn't show up for work and no one from her job felt the need to see a RED flag. That Monday was the 19th of December my birthday and honestly I had a very bad feeling that entire day and I don't know why. One January 12th her Supervisors and Manager called my parents to informed them they were concerned about my sister. My parents went to her home and called the Fire department to force the door open and my father identified the body lying upstairs in her sewing room dead. Now tell me is this the craziest thing you've ever heard? The cause of death is unknown.  My sister worked her ass off for thirty years and my parents received all of her retirement from the USPS and the United States Air Force. You may not be aware but people change when it comes to money and cover ups. I have on my sister an half inch thick. I did my own investigation and didn't believe anyone or there lies. Does this sound like a good book even movie? I have to tell her story before I'm gone. Any advice?
Best regards,
Paula Newton

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I have a new business st aside for this year , private & confidential,ficultities , unexceptionable, durable, portable, & invisible Romans to consentarate my abilities inside.

Hpy New year 2020, every one EXpat.Com

Happy New Year all,

The adventure continues

Feliz Año Nuevo!
Plans: more productive work, and family happiness! ;-)


Happy New Years to you too!

I have lots of ideas to help you. Your future book sounds like a great idea.

The only problem is that we need to exchange contact information and we can't do that on the forum.

I have written to the team who manages this forum and asked them if they can help us contact each other privately.

Pat Hall

Julien :

Hi everyone,

The Expat.com team wishes you a Happy New Year 2020!

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In 2020, Expat.com will turn 15. Fifteen years of life abroad, sharing experiences, adventures... and above all 15 years with you!

We are proud of this journey together. Our project for this year is to cater even better to all your needs. What are your projects for 2020?

Share them with us!



-it seems like only yesterday..-


pathall :

The only problem is that we need to exchange contact information and we can't do that on the forum.

I have written to the team who manages this forum and asked them if they can help us contact each other privately.

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