Nairobi Expats

Hello. Is there anyone in Nairobi from January 2020 and beyond?
Im new on this platform. My name is Laura. Im a born again Christian lady. Im a graduate. I have B.A in Development Studies and Diploma in Community Devpt and Social Work. Ive been jobless for a while but have internship experience and sales&marketing experience.
I will appreciate if any opportunity comes up  in an NGO or any organisation.
Im staying in Nairobi. I speak 4 languages. I love sports and fitness. For fun, i enjoy meeting new people. Im sure im in the right place.

Hey Lau_favor, welcome to Nairobi. I would like to meet you.

Hello. Do you work in an NGO  or youve heard of a job opening somewhere?

Hi Laura, I got jobs in the past through recruitment agencies like byappointment africa and summit recruitment. I m sure there are many more but I had experience with these 2. I hope it helps.

Ive applied so many jobs daily but get no response or sometimes busfare is hard to get since im a self made private tutor

I understand. it is the same for me right now :-(

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