Selling Property in Lima using a power of attorney

I am a Panamanian citizen but I am currently visited the US. My Peruvian wife and I are selling our house in Lima. We bought the property as rights of possession and built the home ourselves.

Since, I am in the US right now, I had a Panamanian lawyer prepare a power of attorney for my wife so she can sign in my place. She is in Lima right now and she is having problems with the notary in Lima. The notary clerk told my wife that I have to be with her in Person to sign or she cannot complete the transaction. The notary clerk told her that since the land is rights of possession and not titled that I have to come to Peru. This sounds wrong to me.

Can anyone give me some advice or tell me if they have had experience as an expat selling a home?

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Though you say the notary clerk's guidance "sounds wrong," to me it seems doubtful you can just mail it in, namely a power of attorney drafted in Panama and not signed or notarized by you in Peru.


Expecting solid legal advice from the laypeople who populate these forums is probably wishful thinking.

You or your wife should probably be relying already on a competent Peruvian attorney to supervise the potential sale of your home.  You should consider asking your case-specific questions to that attorney.


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