Unusual (new) expat member question

Greetings to all members of the forum from a balmy 75° winter day in Central North Carolina!
My name is Ricardo and I am using (hijacking?) the form to request some member guidance for a very unique situation I’ve been thrust into. First let me say that I would typically exhaust all other means at my disposal in resolving the issue, but unfortunately it’s an area where my expertise is less than optimal, so I’d rather go with the logical choice, which is talking to someone who is on the ground, in PR!
The disconcerting part about this whole thing is that I am a natural born Puertorican!
I lived on the island from 1969 to 1987 but moved to the US when I joined the Marines, and been living here ever since— yes, I left the island at 18 years old and never returned except for short vacations to visit my family...guilty as charged!

My situation is as follows: I’ve just been thrust into a legal debacle with the estate of my ailing father and have to be in Rio Piedras by January 7th for an undetermined period of time, and I am not able to stay at my fathers ‘residence’. Making matters more complicated is the fact that there is no one on the island that can provide me with lodging or vehicle assistance, so I have to decide whether it makes financial sense to pay an exorbitant amount of money for a short vacation rental, or try and locate a simple residential landlord that could do a (potentially) short-term rent.
It seems that most $300-$500mo. rentals are a minimum 6 months stay (a law?) and $700-$1100 per week for a bonafide weekly rentals is insane....so here’s my question:
Can anyone point out trustworthy landlords/renting individuals or companies(?) that could do a short-term, non-vacation (non-luxury!) rental? It would obviously have to be furnished, but nothing fancy.
I will have to rent a car, so there’s a parking situation to consider as well.

As you all can imagine, these are just the facts framing my situation—if anyone has suggestions or leads, and need more pertinent details to be provided, I’d be more than happy to do so!

And, yes—I speak perfect PR-Spanish, read it and write it just like I did in 1987! Hahaha!

Les agradezco a todos los que me puedan ofrecer consejos o proveerme con cualquier asistencia!


Best of luck, I know of no one on that side of the island

You can go with AirBnb, some places rent for 50 a night.
As to length of stay, if you are part of a legal battle, you should contact the lawyer and ask for information. Depending on the worth of the state, you may want to just give it up or go thru the expense. Issues like these can be prolonged requiring multiple short visits to the island. You could also give somebody, including your own lawyer a power of attorney to act on your behalf.

I left at 21 and spend 45 years in the states, just returned for good less than 2 years ago, I gave my part to my brother instead of going thru the trouble for a few thousand dollars.
by the way your situation is not unusual, many properties become abandoned because all the heirs can not be found or agree to a deal. You can also sell your part to a brother or sister and be done with it.

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