Looking for accomodation in Den Bosch

I am Raghu from India, moving to den bosch, Netherlands. And looking for accomidation. Please let me know, if anything is available or can suggest on how to find one.

Hi Raghu and welcome to the Forum.

We have a housing section at the top of the Forum; you can always check in there.

In general, rental accommodation is in short supply in the Netherlands; for this reason, getting anything long-distance is almost always impossible because landlords will want to see your job contract and take a significant deposit from you; plus you are in danger of being scammed.

Our advice is to use something like a hotel or Airbnb for your immediate needs, then start looking once you are in the country and know where you are looking at and what prices and more importantly, that the place actually exists.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team

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