EP application while the DP getting cancelled

Hi,I have been working in Singapore since 4 years and I have a question regarding the DP to EP conversion.

My wife is in DP and working on LOC currently with the same employer as I am .
I have got an offer and will be joining the new firm tomorrow hence technically my EP, DP and her LOC will get cancelled. But however to minimise her LOC cancellation impact on client, the currently employer is trying to file an EP for my wife.
In such case will there be any impact on my wife’s new EP application while the DP gets cancelled parallely?
Please help me understand the process involved here
Appreciate your quick response.

No issues for your wife’s case, rather good for her as there are several cases under DP the salary offer to the employee is relatively lower in compare to EP holders. Secondly, it’s safer for you in the event if your employer cancels EP, you still can stay here with a DP sponsored by your wife. Good luck

Thanks Surya for a quick reply.
So her EP application is independent of the DP cancellation and worst case if her EP gets cancelled ? I can apply for her DP again from the new firm and untill then she can legally stay in Singapore. Am i right?

Her EP application is completely independent of the DP.
If you join your new employer tomorrow, her DP will also get cancelled tomorrow (and with it her LoC and the right to work). She will have to stop work immediately and leave Singapore when the 30 days SVP she gets after the DP cancellation expires - IF the new EP isn't approved before that.
She should UNDER NO CIRCIUMSTANCES do any paid work or overstay the SVP, as this would jeapardize any change of getting the EP approved.
If she intended to work continuously, she should have applied for her EP 1 - 3 months ago. Now this is not possible any more.

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