Looking for a private teacher of Albanian language

Hello all
I sometimes travel to Tirana for a limited period of time for each trip. I usually go there twice or three times a year. I would like to find a private tutor who can help me to learn and practice the Albanian language when I am there and online.
If you know someone or anyone is interested, please write to me.

Hi Gentlelove30s,

May i suggest that you post an advert in the Tirana classifieds under the language classes section ? We will be able to spread the word to the expat community.

Thanks in advance,

Thank you very much for your advice. I also look to open a small project there if you can advise my friend. Regards

What project, gentlelove30s ? Could you please provide some details so that we may help ....



Je connais quelqu'un qui pourrait faire cela. Un étudiant. Il m'a déjà aidé en 6 mois à parler un albanais couramment.

De plus, il n'est pas cher.


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