Nursing Salary in Riyadh + bonuses

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I'm a first year RN and am planning on making the move to Saudi around Feb of 2021 (by that time I will be an RN3). I have a 3 year bachelor's degree with experience in ED, CCU, ICU, Anaesthetics and Medical Ward. Ideally I would prefer a position with good pay and opportunities to upskill rather than deskill. What are people's thoughts and experiences?
I know it's a touchy topic (also extremely difficult to get accurate information on) but I was wondering if anyone would be able to give me insight into the Salary of an Australian RN3 and different bonuses that may be included in Saudi.
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Remuneration and bonus are vary based on the type of hospitals, job role, experience, place of work etc. Since you have not mentioned how you gonna get the job and current salary, I would say try not to get a job in rural areas.

Government hospitals provide good salary and other perks. Though there are few private hospitals which are tied up with international hospitals such as Saudi German Hospital.  As an Aussie RN, I'm pretty sure that you would get an excellent salary. Upskill or deskill, we cannot say anything without knowing about the job role and hospital.

Besides, the adaptation of the new culture and lifestyle would also be considered.

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Hello Creator!
Thank you! I've been looking into different companies and from what I can find CCM seems to be the most popular for Aussie nurses.

As for current salary an Australian 3rd year nurse has a base rate of around $68,000 AUD a year. However this very quickly increases as soon as you add on afternoon or night shifts, weekends, public holidays, overtime etc. So it enda up being a bit more than that.

Ideally I would like a position in Anaesthetics , ED or ICU, however as I am only a baby nurse I have only had a couple of months experience in each of them. 6, 4 and 4 months respectively. But yes a position in a larger city would be ideal as well as a government hospital.

Welcome to Saudi Arabia,

You will get Salary based on Four  things, First your Nationality , Second your Education, Third your experience, Fourth Govt or Private Hospital.

Australian, American, British Salary range is higher than anyone. Plus Benefits
Try to apply in Govt. Hospitals as they have every 6 months 1 month vacation plus their timing is only 8 hours unless you are not in any Critical areas like ER, ICU, CCU etc. but still Area allowance will add in your monthly salary.

After few years you will get chance to promote as Charge Nurse, Head Nurse, or Supervisor depend on your effort. (Their salaries higher than a nurse).

Good Luck

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