Hi All

Hello All,
Newbie on the site and moving to Brazil (Florianopolis area) in March 2020 and currently live in North Dakota "Big change Right"? haha. My Finace lives in Sao Paulo currently but we will be living in the aforementioned area together as soon as I move in March.  I am on Social Security Disability Income and due to my former career am on the top tier of pay for SSDI. From what I have seen I should be able to live well in Brazil financially and my fiance has a pretty good pension. I know there is a huge culture difference but fortunatley my former career I traveled the world and have seen different cultures and different areas of the US as well. I tend to adapt easily in most cases.

I appreciate any tips, warnings, advice anyone can give. Im finding learning Portuguese more difficult than some other languages but am will to work hard at it. Im a big fisherman and any tips for fishing around Florianopolis would be greatly appreciated as well.

Welcome fishnraider. We´re all here to help. Any questions, just fire away...

Great start. You have some things to prepare. Use the BR Consulate site for information.
Many visa types are no longer and the Policia Federal is the last say as to entering and staying in the country.
Coming on a tourist wavier is fine, but the little time under such goes fast, so try beginning a CRNM once married or domestic partners. Cartorio can do this. Civil marriage is different. Do this the first thing.
Have better half go to PF and get a list of what you need and requirements.
Once you have what is needed start getting certified copes translated and apostilled and bring with you. The FBO background check is the last thing to get because it can not be over 60 days old.
So begin your questions and we can help.

I used to fish corvina in Lagoa da conceicao using my kayak and prawn bait ....lots of fishing around floripa. The front of the channel by Barra day lagoa good to , also the rocks at joaquina beach. pity I'm not currently in Brazil , although my kayak is still in floripa. So what made you choose Florianopolis???

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