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Hi to all

I have lived in sofia for 6 months. I am a UK national but have not lived there for many years  so not paid national insurance etc.  I have Bulgarian residence permit. I now wish to join the Bulgarian health system. Does anyone have knowledge of the procedure?

Register with the regional office of the NHIF. You get a blue pass book.
If you pay social security through employment they should be able to find you on their system and check you are contributing.
If not they will probably send you off to the NRA to register with them first. Then you will need to pay contributions of about £10 a month, backdated to when you got your residence permit.

Hi Ian - that's helpful, thanks! What about retirees? Is it possible to get on the health system? I'm in Sofia, and have my residency permit.

Sorry not sure how it works for non-EU retirees.

OK, Thanks - so far I am just paying as I go, and it's not bad, but if anyone else knows about non-EU retirees, I'd love to hear from them.

As far as I understand, foreigners can join the health system after they receive an EGN, which for non-eu is around 3-5 years of residency, depending on the reason for residency. At least that is how it worked for me and my friends. We were not retirees though. Maybe there is some loophole.

Thanks - I'll look into that. I appreciate the information.

Yes indeed!   I just purchased a policy that is in compliance with the Residence requirements.   Some clinics will sell you a policy but it is only good at that clinic, thus if you are in a different city you may not be covered.  I had an event and my insurance fully covered what would have been a $25,000 fee in America.   I paid 65Bg Lev. 

As I tell everyone, GET a Reputable Attorney!  Examine his credentials.  Negotiate your fees with your attorney and it is a small price to pay.  Require that both your attorney and a notary examine every document. I have found a perfect attorney but do not want to be "pushing" him to anyone.  Ask your friends for a referral and do not ask your real estate broker, insurance agent or anyone but someone you trust who has had at least three years experience. 

As an aside, I purchased a yacht and used my attorney for all documentation.   One day as he was having coffee he noticed my yacht was not at its berth.   He utilized all of his connections to find out what had happened.   

The former owner, A Ukranian, had forged documents and hired two captains and a deckhand to slip the boat out of the Denivi Marina in St Vlas at 0500 in the morning.  My attorney alerted all contacts and the yacht was observed heading to Ukraine and was about 15 km from Ukrain waters when a fishing boat spotted it.   

Bg Navy and Helicopters surrounded the yacht and escorted the yacht and the perpetrators to Varna.  That is what connections provide you.   Become involved in your community. 

It is the Wild West and you need a Wyatt Earp and a John Wayne on your side.    I cannot underscore how important it is to seek a reputable attorney and become known to the leaders of your area, and yes you know who this includes.  If you are legitimate and are contributing to the welfare of the community and have an honest attorney you have no problems.   if you venture without an attorney properly registered you will have a tough time.  Do NOT trust any real estate agent.   Do NOT trust any local who offers to provide you introductions.   

Pay a little to save a lot.

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