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So i  file a complain in ministry of labor to my company because they terminate me with a article 80 and as far i know i didnt commit any of those sections in article 80 and our was this dec 29 at 11 am i have waites for 2 and half months now and i go to ministry of labor early than our hearing session and i have waited and when i came in to the officer who will conduct our hearing my hr employer didnt came the officer told me that i should come back tomorow at 10 am and we will see what can we do to my employer if they didnt come is that means that its we are already going to the 2nd hearing? Can ask what are the procedure now in ministry of labor how many court hearing that i am going to and what will be the result if my employer will not show the 2nd time

Kindly please answer me i am getting depressed because he didnt show up on our hearing. Please

nothing to be depressed about, this is a usual practice. It is in your favor that the employer didn't showed for hearing. Go attend 2nd hearing and ask for the procedure from court....only they can inform you best.

Thank you for your reply they reschedule again our hearing on january 6,2020 and gave a copy of the letter to my employer.

My employer still didnt showup this morning so they reschedule it on january 6

have you asked them how many hearings there will be before case is finalized? Have you contact your embassy to provide you support in your case?

Yes i contacted them before filed my case and they are supporting me now on the process of the hearing and i didnt ask them yet about how many hearing should i attend to as far as i know is the hearing will it be in 3 hearing 1st hearing up to 3rd hearing i read it here in the forum and based on what i read outside the forum also.

Anyone know what are the next step if employer didnt come for the 2nd hearing what will they do

Update on 2nd hearing my employeer still didnt show up until now then the officer in ministry of labor said they endorse it on labor court and they will message me when will be our hearing and i asked them for tashreeh ul amal and they said go to ajeer website and after that i register how can i know if i can work for other company where should i get there the tashreeh ul amal and usually how many days or months will i wait for the labor court hearing please reply anyone

Does your employer attend in the 3rd hearing?

What is the update by now.

There is no 3rd hearing the labor office endorse it to the labor court i am still waiting for the message that there saying that the labor court will send it to me still not recieving any message until now i am waiting

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