Germany Work Visa vs Blue Card - Clarification Help

Hello everyone,

I'm an Indian citizen living in New York on L-1A visa (intra company transfer visa from India).

- Non-tech background. 28 years age.
- Currently Director of Business Operations for a General Trading company.
- Have 7 years of work experience with 5 years in managerial role.
- Undergraduate Degree (4 year) in Finance from a university in USA.
- My university is listed on the Anabin website and has a H+ score.

I want to move to Germany for a change in career.

I know someone who is opening a company in Bremen or Hamburg (location not decided yet) for Export of Automobile parts.

- It’s a new company with no employees and will employ me as Director of Operations (basically I will be responsible for everything hiring people, sales, management) with a gross salary of € 65,000.

- From the information I’ve read online. I am eligible for a Blue Card application since my salary will be more than the required threshold of  € 53,000 (2019).

=> But have read conflicting things on forums that € 65,000 is not enough for blue card.  Is that true?

=> Would my visa application be subject to a labor test? (I'm unable to understand clearly)

I’m going to apply for the visa here at the New York consulate.
I believe I need to apply for the work and residence permit.

And once I arrive in Germany and register my address I apply for the Blue Card ? Is that correct ?


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