BG tax payment

I read on FB BG that if you have a pension and are an expat, that you can file documents that nullifies your BG tax payment. Is this correct?

I'm a U.S. citizen, legal resident in Bulgaria, and my immigration lawyer told me that I do not have to pay taxes on my U.S. pension (which is taxed in the U.S., of course).  I'll probably ask the local equivalent of a CPA, to confirm, but that's what I've been told so far.

Hi Ginny,
I should have gone to the Oracle (you) as a first step in my inquiry. How are things in BG for you? You have been there for 6 months, I believe. You can email me using my private account if you like.

My understanding is that you pay a 10% income tax in Bg and the US credits that tax payment against your US tax bill.

I've been told that pensions are not taxable here in Bulgaria. Anyone know for sure? TIA -

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