Where to find a 2,10 m bed in Singapore


I have been looking for a bed which meets my length requirements (2,10 m), but in vain.
Furthermore, my bed room only allows a bed which has a width of maximum 1,50 m.

I am looking for a bed (a bed frame with a mattress) as well as a box mattress.

Any idea where to go to buy a customised bed, or do you know of a cabinet maker who can make me a bed.

I take that I can find a customised mattress somewhere, but am I wrong?


Google is your friend. Did you search? Can get in ikea, furniture shops and online stores.

I had the same problem.
It's not available in Singapore.
Neither Ikea nor any of the other shops sell non-standard sizes.
You can only import it yourself (at a steep cost) or have it custom made (at even steeper cost).
I ended up buying Queen Size (which is approx. 155 x 195 cm) and sleeping on it diagonally.

Thank you, Beppi.

Not the answer I hoped to get, but on the other hand, I am not surprised as I had come to the same result after having scoured the Internet and sent queries to some shops.


I think you can get customisation of bed size and mattress in Singapore. Below are few such links to check:

https://www.homeanddecor.com.sg/article … references



Thanks Surya2k,

I have seen the ads myself, but the customisation means to choose among their standard sizes with different kind of material.

And singaporean sizes aren't meant for tall europeans. Unfortunately.


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