gross to net (including income tax)


I am in contact with a Malaysian company for  an opportunity in KL.

I am strugling to find a reliable website to help me estimate the differce between the gross and net salary.

My sitution is married 2 children. wife would not be working. planning to live in KL area (not center).

Do you any reliable and efficient website?

Or are any of you in a similar situation?
Let us say that I would targer a net monthly salary of 16k RM, what would be the gross for that?

also, in Malaysia is the income tax directly taken on the salary or is it paid separately at the end of the fiscal year, thank you all.

Thank you.

Gross will depend on the additional allowances such as housing, children etc that are included in your employment contract otherwise gross will be the same as net.

income tax is deducted by the employer every month

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