Family visit visa multiple entry entry by road allowed or not

I need help with this issue. I recently applied for a new ksa saudi visit visa which is multiple entry and valid for a year sponsored by my father and this time i recieved a visa which did not specify the mode of entry. I have a uae residence visa and am wondering if I can enter ksa with a visa which doesnt mention anything about the mode of entry.

This is new format visa it is least likely someone will have clear answer for you, but hopefully it is assumed that mode of transportation is not mentioned means it is open.

Hey bro my wife also has a multiple entry visa for a year , and we would like to visit Dubai as per my knowledge which I asked  from jawazat Officer they said that she can go out of the country any time she likes but be careful of extension day as every three months u have to extend it from Absher in system. Do give me a message if you Did go out and come back. This information will help many thanks

Will do. In my past however, i had faced an issue when travelling by road from dubai to riyadh, the officer told me to return and that they are enforcing this thing turned out to be a great hassle for me. However, i could exit riyadh with a "by air" visa. But the problem this year is that i recieved a visa which didnt specify the mode of entry and now im in a fix because i dont want to go through all the hassle i had gone through the last time i tried coming from dubai to riyadh.

also i will be travelling on the 12th this month

These days on the new visa it doesn’t mention anything like it used to last year. Last year it was mentioned open , but now nothing is mentioned even sponsor name is. It mentioned either. I will have my visa for Dubai in a day or two and then head towards batha. Hope it won’t be a hassle and things would go smoothly . That’s what I want to know if people experienced it without a hassle.

You shouldnt have an issue to exit riyadh. I didnt face any issues and I have exited many times even with a by air visa. The officials are more strict when entering the country

Issue is am going by road, hope they don’t tell me to go by air. I think it’s a open visa air or land they won’t have a issue hopefully.

Please share with me your mobile number

Tomorrow you are travelling to Dubai or Bahrain

Please share detail with me because i need visa for my family for exit reentry purposes

sohail I had a uae visa with me when I exited the country and on my ksa visa the mode of transport was not specified so I was confused if ksa authorities would let me exit or enter by road but however there were no issues on the border. I was able to smoothly exit ksa and enter uae with my visa and after a day I came back to ksa from dubai by road and was allowed to do so by the authorities since my visa didnt specify mode of entry.
Before I had a ksa visa which said that I have to go by air thats when the authorities stopped me at the border and I had to travel via air.
I hope I covered everything, if u have any more doubts you can post a message here.

Many thanks and can you share contact number agent who can provide visit visa for my family

Dubai or Bahrain Visit Visa for exit purposes

I am sure you can look that up on google. I had a residence visa for uae at the time. For a visit visa for your family I am not aware of the procedure but I am sure you can find something on google

But I think that option will be more expensive and cumbersome travelling by road and paying for the visit visa. You can do a quick search and get to know more


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