Advice on what salary I should ask for

Does anyone have an idea how much salary I should ask for an APAC sourcer/sourcing specialist/talent acquisition role for one of the top internet companies with its regional HQ in sg? I'm a foreigner with 7 years of apac sourcing experience

You can check through pay check trend in your profile here. Various consultants provide free information on salary range in different job sectors with respective job roles.

Thanks for the response. I'm quite new here. Can you guide me as to where this "pay check trend" is?

Google is your friend.. type current salary range in your respective job in Singapore, you will get the information.

Just search then can find already. Can get answers even before you can start asking simple question.

I didn't think this site would be a, "Google your own answers" page.

Searching things in the internet is my day-to-day job so having said that, I've already downloaded all 2019 salary survey reports from the top recruitment firms, e.g. Robert Walters, Hays, Michael Page. I've also went through several sites such as Payscale and Glassdoor.

It's important to understand that these surveys are skewed and there's a world of difference between surveys (because these are based on people they placed, so their sample size is not representative of the entire population) and people on the ground in SG who can give a REALISTIC suggestion.

I thought of asking here to get suggestions from people in the HR/recruitment/talent acquisition world who can give me a realistic understanding of what salary I should ask for, not just simple replies of just google it. Because people don't find their answers via "just googling" things, that's why they resort to forums

If you think all those consultants survey reports in SG are bogus and there is a hell & haven difference between the real market value and the survey report then we (me & Beppi) won’t able give you exact figure here as our profession is totally different to your profession, personally I don’t have any friends circle (in your profession) either from where I can get any input. In general, with a 7 yrs experiences in Singapore would expect 8k or more.

You may have to wait and see if any of the expats from your profession can guide you here. Good luck

Note: Going forward, if you have done all your homework earlier then mention in very first message itself to avoid any confusion at our end. I would have never asked you to do Google search to find survey or pay check, if I would know the information mentioned in your last message.

Hi Surya,

Thank you for the reply. I think what you mentioned that In general, with a 7 yrs experiences in Singapore would expect 8k or more.
would be a good guide for me for starters. I figure that the difference in industry explains it as well.

Noted on your advice on letting readers know if I have already done my homework beforehand moving forward.

Thank you.

You are welcome. Yes, in different profession the average pay varies (could be lesser or more to 8k). But, anything 10k or above considered a good package in Singapore as annual income for a single source of income beyond $120k is considered above average here.

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