Buying and travelling in a used car in Europe

Greetings from Australia,

A friend and I are hoping to do a road trip across Europe in the near future and are looking into the legalities of owning a car in Europe.

The goal is to purchase a car for around 1000-2000 EUR and drive it east-west/south-north etc and see as much of Europe as possible in the ~2 months we'll be there. We haven't yet decided where to start or end the journey so that gives us some freedom on where to purchase and/or register the vehicle. The vehicle will likely be sold, scraped or auctioned at the end of the trip.

We would much prefer to own the car, as older cars add to the driving experience and new cars don't have much in the way of character. My friend and I are fairly handy on the tools and can usually get anything going.

One of the main sticking points we are finding in each prospective country is the various difficulties of getting a car registered in our name.

Are there any countries in Europe that offer hassle free vehicle ownership for foreigners?

Some of the contenders at the moment are:
UK - cheap cars, english speaking locals however RHD cars not very suitable for the rest of Europe
Romania/Bulgaria - cheap cars however difficult to negotiate registering of a vehicle as I dont imagine there are many english speakers
France/Germany - more expensive but LHD cars and fairly common to find english speaking locals

One of the strategies I have come across is to setup a non trading company and have the vehicles registered to the company.

Any direction or experience you have had would be greatly appreciated.

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