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Hello everyone My wife and myself are slowly making plans to move to DR within the next 2 years . I have been reading of rising cost of living and my question is   Will we be able to live a modest to comfortable lifestyle on 3600 usd a month?

Depending on what you want or need to do, that should be plenty. My wife and I are moving to Santo Domingo at the end of August and I estimate we can live on about $1500 a month, that's with owning our condo outright. We are not in a resort town, just the outskirts of the capital city. That amount I quoted should cover all our basic expenses, not entertainment or travel.

"Modest" is a subjective term, but in general terms, most definitely.  Dependent on many variables, but that budget should keep you comfortable in most places.

The sum mentioned will allow for a more than modest lifestyle. I assume you will be renting accommodation.

USD 2500 is good for a couple renting and living modestly in a decent part of Santo Domingo and running their own car.

In a resort area such as North Coast/Samana that (2500) sum should work with good rented accommodation but probably no pool use.

It is depend on different Facts : 
Where do you want to live?
Live in a tourist area is the most expensive choice. 
Live at the Country Site the less Expensive choice .
There are Areas like Luperon you can live in a House with property to Beach cheap there are more Areas like this but your Spanish has to be good .
You can find so many Places to live but notice : The more Foreigners live in an Area the more expensive and more attractive for any kind of Corruption .
The other Thing is the Standart you want to live. If you want a 6 Bedroom Villa with pool and Beach view you will need probably more than 3600 US only for the Rent same in some of this Towers in Santo Domingo . Good will be to buy a decent House on a decent Price I know a canadian who lives on a Hill in Sosua (not La Mulata) who is on it to sell his House . That could be a gig and you need less than 3600 USD for living there. Renting over the Time will become more expensiv but remember the closer you are to Tourist areas the more Expensiv is Life. Soome of my Friends did move finally from the north Coast and live in Santiago and they live very well and comfortable ina modern city with many Options comfort living and The mountain and the Sean close by, BUT they all speak some Spanish

Ok Thank you everyone for your experienced input and quick responses your answers help me to make a decision

Welcome to the forums!  Yes unless you want to live over the top you will be fine!

I am moving to Puerto Plata and you can rent long term  Arbnb for 500 to 600 a month , all utilities inc and by the beach . I found a very nice 1 bedroom in a private him in a very safe area fo0r 350 a month . I am not going to have a car so that expense goes away and I have budgeted 300 a month for health insurance  . I am not a drinker or smoker and live a relaxed life and any way I slice it a budget of 1600 a month lets me live the life I want and thats lower then the actual budget I have set .3600 and you can live like a king in many areas

You indicate that you plan to stay long term but you do not mention residency. There is a cost here to consider.

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