Issuance of BSN instead of RNI and now???

Hello everybody,

My friend came to Netherlands to find job etc and instead of issuing a temporary BSN (RNI) with his home address in Greece he issued a permanent BSN using my address (I provided him with a form as I thought it was only typical and the BSN would be the short stay (RNI) one). The result is that now he is registered as a second resident in my address while my residence is for 1 person and my landlord doesn't approve of registering another one. I went today to Gemeente and when we explained the woman there told us that now it is not possible to deregister and declare for a short stay BSN.
I cannot find an available address so far from friends etc.. and it is too early for him to find accommodation right now..

Any ideas/solutions so I avoid having issues with my landlord/taxes etc?

Thanks in advance for your help.


Hi and welcome to the Forum.

The RNI database is for those people who know they are going to be working in the Netherlands for less than 4 months (so, cross-border workers, seasonal workers) - nothing else; there is no such thing as a temporary BSN, temporary workers get issued a BSN to enable them to register with a doctor, open a bank account etc, but the only difference is it sits in a different database.  Not every Gemeente operates on the RNI database.

Everybody else (like your friend) registers for a BSN just like the rest of us who live and works in the Netherlands.  So, in fact, your friend is not in trouble with the authorities (yet), although soon will be when this starts to unravel.

It is possible to "de-register" him, but he has to move out of the property and then go and de-register with the Gemeente - that's the only way to do it.

Landlord, I can't help you with, I suggest you have a word with him/her/them and explain what happened - they will find out eventually because his part of the Gemeente belasting for the property will be increased and he will know what's happened.

Taxes won't be levied on you.  In addition to your landlord, your friend will get a bill for gemeente belasting and the Medical Insurance people will be in contact with him if he hasn't taken out Medical Insurance yet.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team


Thanks a lot for your prompt reply!

I know we will both have problem that is why I am searching for quick solution :)

The thing is that we asked today Gemeente if he can de-register and then register again for RNI as he doesn't know how long he is going to stay, hes has not a job yet and neither a place to stay so maybe it is less than 4 months (and when he finds something he can register for BSN) but they said that now it is impossible.. and that is the question right now... is there anything we can do now? de-register and then what? everything is still unsure so he needs time until he can move to somewhere else.

To have a word with landlord is impossible as we are not allowed to register anybody else the studios are for 1 person so I have to find something asap.

Thanks again,

Hi again.

With regards to the RNI; it is only for people who come to Holland and have a definite job to go to, but will be here for 4 months or less; it is not an option to choose to register on the RNI, not all Gemeentes offer it.  To make this absolutely clear, he is not eligible to go on the RNI and whoever told him that he could was wrong.

If you want to stay legal and don't want to involve your landlord, then he has to move out to another address that permits registration, or if he can't find somewhere to live, then he has to move out and go back home.

It is not an option that because he is unsure, he gets to ignore the law; if they allow him to do it, then many thousands of EU citizens will do the same and it will be chaos.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team

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