Delivery from IKEA Riyadh

Hi everyone,

I'm thinking of purchasing some household items (large desk, wardrobe, etc) that will require delivery. From what I see in comments, IKEA (Riyadh) has terrible delivery services, therefore I don't want to use them.

Do you know where I can get help, maybe find a driver with a pickup truck, that will help me deliver the purchases from IKEA, to my home at Al-Aqiq district?

Thanks in advance,

When you exit from IKEA, there are many delivery guys offering their services to carry your stuff and even arrange assembly.

Personally I used the UKEA (a used IKEA stuff dealer) guys thrice. I arranged the time with them and had the stuff ready for pickup. They got the stuff delivered to my place without a hitch and also decently assembled all the stuff. You can google UKEA for their contact

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