housing loan approval with existing consumer loans

hi. I still have around 600k nok plus in forbrukslån but in a month or two I will be having around 800k nok plus in my bank. I have creditcards which I only pay the minimum. I would like to ask if a bank can grant me still a housing loan despite my debts or is there any broker you guys know who works with banks to whom I can talk to? I am in desperate need to have a house since that is only the requirement my wife is giving me in order for her to be pregnant and let my only daughter have a sibling. We re almost in our 40s that is why we are running out of time. Hope someone can advice us...thanks.

Why don't you ask a bank?

When inquiring to apply for a house loan in banks, they usually gather information such as the household's income, existing loans, number of children, usual food and clothes expenses, and emergency funds budget. They compute all of this and check if after paying for these things if your family will have a positive or negative balance. And then they will give you an amount of what they can possibly offer you if you apply for a loan.

Better check several banks as they all have different offers. Just call them and get a schedule so that you get a concrete answer to your worries.

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