Advice to newly arrived in Bahrain

I am arriving to Bahrain next week from UK after working 10 in London but as expected lots of questions in my head.

I understand by reading the forum the CPR document is very important also my moving company told me they don’t clear the goods until I have that.

Can someone clarify kindly 2 questions for me:
- quickest way to get the CPR card done ?
- Can I rent a flat without that document and paying with my UK account?

As new in the country just wondering what’s the best order to get the flat, bank account etc, I understand I need residency as well for the CPR so I guess renting a house is first step for starting everything moving in terms of  processes , am I thinking right?

Thank you so much.

Your employer has to get the CPR done. This is the first step after you get the residence visa.

You can rent a flat by giving a letter from your employer stating that the CPR is in process. However, your UK bank account is useless for rental purposes. You would need to give a cheque drawn on a bahrain bank account or cash in BHD.

First step is residence visa.  That will allow you to get a CPR and bank account.  The house comes after that and not before.  Most people live in temporary accommodation until these items are sorted and they then get a house.

Thank you so much for the guidance and clarification much appreciated!

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