Visa to stay in Nepal

I have been here a few months and would like to stay longer do any of you have any advice on how this can be done

The bottom line is that foreigners who are in Nepal on a Tourist Visa are not allowed to stay longer than 150 days in a Visa year (January - December).

if i study here can I change it

Yes, most likely you can.
The standard advise when asking would be to come to Nepal on a tourist visa, and change it to a different visa when your situation changes and allows for a different visa. Changing visas should not give you any problems.

Tourist visas can be obtained for 150 days per calender year (on Gregorian calender).
So, if you calculate it carefully, you would be allowed to stay in Nepal on a tourist visa from August - December in the first year, plus from January - May in the next year for a total of 10 months in a row, in  a single stay. Although you would have to renew your visa every month after your initial visa runs out.

Like JW says, you can stay until the end of May if you are already here by just renewing your tourist visa. Then you can do an educational visa by taking a Nepali language class. But I have to tell you, which you probably noticed, it's a tough language to learn.

I think that if you already have a BS degree you can do a master's and research visa. Actually, certain fields of study can work out well here and it's very cheap (for Americans). I think it would be really easy to get a good grade because the tests and everything are in English.

Look into the the art program at KU. It's only a few hours a week and you can take it either credit or no credit.
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