UAE Tourist Visa for Me and my family

I work as an environmental engineer for a company in Oman, and my family (wife and son) stays with me in Oman. Apart from my son, who is still less than a year old, my wife and I have resident cards. My son has a family joining visa on his passport.

I plan to visit Dubai on a tourist visa in January 2020. While applying online for the evisa, I will enter my employer's name as my sponsor; however, I am wondering who I should enter as the sponsor for my wife and my son. Should it be me or my employer?

I will be glad to hear from the experienced members of the forum.

Thank you.

It's a number of years since I was last in Oman, assisting a local environmental consultancy and I know that if you play by the visa rules, it can be problematical with regards to dependants. 

I'd have thought your PRO could assist you on this and would suggest you ask them?

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